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A Dream Getaway – Chobe lodge

Chobe Lodge is located essentially where four countries meet – these being Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Although Chobe district itself is actually in the northern part of Botswana. This means that staying at these lodges offers a huge amount of variety catering for any guest who is lucky enough to enter these doors. With at least four different lodges to choose from, anyone can find facilities for their unique needs.

With the Chobe Safari Lodge, Game Lodge, Marina Lodge and Savanna Lodge being available, you’ll have the best choices at your disposal. So let Journey into Africa give you an amazing run down of the lovely Chobe Lodge facilities, and take you on a wondrous expedition into the picturesque area.


How To Experience The Best Of Victoria Falls Zambia

There is Victoria Falls Zambia and Victoria Falls Zimbabwe. The waterfall is in actual fact right on the border between the two African countries and the border post is situated on a bridge that spans the Zambezi River not far from the 2 waterfall towns. The town on the Zambian side of the Falls is called Livingstone in honour of David Livingstone, the explorer. The Zimbabwean side has the famous town of Victoria.


Kruger National Park Tours – Luxury or Basic

Kruger National Park tours have become a firm favourite for many of our clients, here at Journey into Africa. We enjoy every minute that we spend planning and facilitating only the best of Kruger tours and family safaris. There are packages as well as customisable tours available throughout the year, although certain months are more popular than others. Many visitors prefer the cooler winter months while others are easy-going, as long as they can be in the bush and amongst the animals. Our expert guides will accompany you on luxury or basic tours, depending on your budget and preferences.


Sabi Sands – Luxury Unequalled

Sabi Sands is a renowned game reserve bordering the Kruger National Park and is the place where sustainable wildlife tourism started in Southern Africa. It was formed in1934 and is one of the oldest private game reserves in the country; it is also one of the many destinations that we at Journey into Africa travel to.


Game Viewing on Kruger Safaris

Autumn and winter are the right months of the year for Kruger safaris. Although it’s not hot, it isn’t all that cold either, making it the perfect weather for game viewing. Early mornings are the best times to view the cats; lion that have not been successful during the night may be making their last attempt at a kill while others may be finishing the feast on a carcass before the great laze for the rest of the day. Hyenas might still be on the lookout for a kill to steal and the small optimistic jackal is still around for the surprise deal.


Why a Camping Safari is the Best Way to see South Africa

Many people do not like camping and prefer to stay in chalets or lodges when they are on safari. The more adventurous would, however, choose a camping safari and here’s why. Nature lovers want to stay as close to nature as possible and when you camp you are forced to share your environment with the creatures around you.


What not to miss out on your Botswana safaris

Botswana is about the size of Madagascar, or if you are from the USA, you can compare it to the size of Texas. The land is flat and consists predominantly of 3 areas; the Kalahari Desert which covers about 70%, the Makgadikgadi salt pans and the Okavango Delta. The Limpopo River Basin is considered the chief landform in Southern Africa, and part of it lies in Botswana. Apart from the water of the Delta and the desert and semi-desert Kalahari regions, the land also has savannahs and grasslands. On Botswana safaris tourists will travel through all the varied landscapes and learn about the specific animals it supports.


Wild times with an Africa safari

The Africa continent conjures images of interesting and wild places; a continent where animals still roam free and in abundance, a place of ever changing landscapes. Going on an Africa safari, with our assistance at Journey into Africa, means teaming up with experts. We can take you exactly where you want to go - either by way of a packaged or custom-made tour, or on a self-drive holiday. Also there is no need to worry yourself if you do not own a vehicle for a self-drive excursion, because it is entirely possible to rent a vehicle and canopy affordably from Canopy Caravan.


Planning the best Kruger safaris

We at Journey into Africa love the Kruger National Park, and the reasons are clear. This world-renowned game park offers just about everything from wildlife to the most remarkable sights and even outdoor activities - everything visitors have come to expect on unforgettable Kruger safaris. The park is extensive and contains different sets of habitats that can sustain a wide variety of game. Elephant prefer Mopani bush and cheetahs open areas where they can run and hunt. Hippos and crocodiles on the other hand can be found in and along rivers in the park.


Places of interest – Victoria Falls tours

The idea for the Victoria Falls Bridge comes from none other than Cecil John Rhodes who had a dream to build a railway line all the way from the Cape to Cairo. It has remained a dream only as the railway line has never been completed- the bridge however has been built and crosses the Zambezi River below the Falls. The border post between the two countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia is also situated on the bridge. Visitors on Victoria Falls tours can cross from Livingstone, the Zambian town to Victoria, the Zimbabwean town by means of the bridge. The bridge is also the key point for some of the most thrilling bungee jumps, bridge swings and slides.

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Excellent Safari! The reserve was beautiful with some breathtaking panorama views. We saw a lot of game and our guide was excellent. He enjoys his job and it showed

Theresa Lawrence & Sherazade Bouzouina
USA and France
ENT02 - 3 Day Entabeni Private Game Reserve Safari 
18-20 February 2011

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